Who We Are...  

Unravel India is a lifestyle brand for unique products created by artisans and craftsmen using traditional techniques in different regions of India. We are working on improving the overall customer experience with Indian handicrafts by focussing on each node of the value chain by infusing freshness and relevancy in design, training and quality in development and technology and processes in fulfilment.

  What We Stand For...  

We at Unravel India aim to break the geographical barrier and provide a single platform for people across the globe to experience and appreciate Indian handicrafts along with its place of origin. We are striving to change the way Indian handicrafts are perceived globally in terms of design and quality and thus, contribute to revive the glorious handicrafts industry and enable economic and social upliftment of the artisan community.

  •   How it all started…  

    In 2012, we started with a simple idea to bring traditional Indian art & craft in its true form to every corner of the world and each day we strive to come closer to that goal. After travelling to remote villages across Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh for 3 months and exploring some native age old art/craft forms, we started up with 3 clusters and 50 designs. With the love and appreciation from our customers, we have scaled up our network and currently have 1500 designs from 50+ clusters across India.

  •   How do we do this…  

    It’s complex but fun. It starts with the exploration and identification of the cluster and the art form. Once the art form is identified, our product designers work to conceptualize products that are contemporary and relevant to our customers. These designers then align with the artisans who are masters at translating concepts into beautiful products. These products are then tested for quality on various parameters and brought to our facility for packaging. From here, it’s then shipped to our various channel partners or customers across the globe. 

  •   Where are we headed…  

    Having covered 16 states with 50+ art/craft forms across India, we are looking to add more clusters and arts to our product offering. While scaling up the artisan base, we would also be looking to create a significant impact in terms of livelihood generation and capacity building for each cluster of our growing artisan network. In pursuit to make Unravel India products available to customers globally, we would also focus on setting up our international channels.


      Journey so Far  


     India unravelled so far  

     Meet the Team  


    Deepali has an experience of over 8 years in Marketing , Vendor management and Finance . She is an MBA graduate from ICFAI business school Hyderabad '07 batch post which she worked with GE India for 4 years. She is extremely passionate about the 'india story' and creating an Impact and thats what made her take a leap from a corporate job to social entrepreneurship. Deepali believes that use of technology and the current digital boom can be a game changer is the social space.


    Pawan completed his B.E in Telecomunnications post which he had been in a client oriented role in the industry for 7 years. He heads Operations for us and has been responsible for adding value to customers through high standard of customer service and fulfillment. He gives immense importance to processes and has eye for details. A very friendly an approachable person he is the go-to man at Unravel India.


    Ankita has 10 years of rich experience and has been heading the merchandising and sourcing strategy at Unravel India. She completed her Bachelors in Fashion design from School of fashion technology, Pune and interned at AND(Anita Dongre brand). She follows global fashion & lifestyle trends and brings the market perspective in to the business to ensure that the product assortment is inline with current trends.
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