Unravel Your Self With Your Bedroom Décor

Unravel Your Self With Your Bedroom Décor

I remember when I was young I always wanted a Mickey Mouse bed sheet for my Bedroom Décor. I would shadow my mother whole day to put my favourite BED LINEN every single time. And she’d do that for me to make me happy.

Since my childhood I used to wonder that it would be really awesome if you can decorate your room in your own way? To use their favourite coloured curtains, or decorate the walls with a beautiful Photo Frame that they find warm, or buy show pieceslamps and decorative for their bedroom. They use all their imagination to come up with ideas that would go together and make the room look beautiful.

Can you imagine entering a room with your favourite bed sheetscushions arranged in a perfect way on the bed, the matching pillow coverscushion covers and the perfect study table at the exact place where you want them to be. The whole look of the room will be of your choice starting from the paint on the wall to the carpet on the floor. Every morning as you wake up to the beautifully decorated room one would feel that they are waking up in some other land.


The new trend today is to decorate the bed room with the wall decor. These are different patterns, sometimes graphics, that are drawn on the walls. It sometimes depends on the theme too. They make the room look livelier and warmer. It also gives a very different appearance to your bedroom. And walking into such a bedroom will take you to a totally another world where one is free from the stress and daily hustle and bustle of life. You can choose a graphic of trees which will give you a feeling of being in the midst of nature. Or, of a flowing river which will soothe you with the pure clean water. One can also use various Wall frames and  paintings to give the room a traditional touch.

The bed Linen are the next most important thing to decide after deciding a theme. There are a wide range of bed sets and Printed cushion covers. There are plain, single coloured bed Linen sets which gives the room a very simple and sober look. While, there are bed sheets with heavy embroidery, chikan work, block works, various printed ones and so on. These patterns and designs bring together the colours and patterns unifying them in a way that they stand as one.

Printed cushion covers

As we grow, we start associating every pattern to something that we find similar or hold some significance in our lives. There are some patterns that remind you of a place, culture or people and constantly seeing those patterns makes you feel that they are closer to you. Like I feel whenever I see a Mickey Mouse bed sheets I feel like my mother is still around me, even though I am far from my home town.

The material of the bed Linen is also an important aspect of it as it adds to the pattern or designs of the bed sheets as well as cushions. Even though the printed cotton Sheets are the most commonly used bedsheets they never fail to amaze us with the variety of prints and designs. Other materials for bed sets have crept into the market such as silk, velvet, linen, and cotton fabric mixed with rayon and other materials. These materials can be changed throughout the year depending on the weather and occasion. Another thing that goes with bed sets are the pillow covers. Usually people prefer the pillow covers that come in the bed sets. But there are designer pillow covers that can be used for a contrast. Also, everyone prefers the soft spongy pillows and a lot of cushions of different sizes to decorate the bed.


We cannot miss the rugs. Depending on the size of the bedroom the size of the rug may vary. The colour and the material of the rug may or may not have resemblance with the theme, as most of the people prefer rugs of darker shades. However, it totally depends on the creativity and imagination of the person who is decoration his/her room. They can be of various shapes such as rectangle, oval, circle and square. We can now find new multi-coloured rugs made of traditional coarse fabrics. It is different from the commonly used classy, smooth and shiny rugs as it gives a very aesthetic touch to the room. It is something very different and worth giving a try if you are looking for some really different look of your bedroom.

There are other few things that we can use to decorate our bedrooms such as clocks, lamps, chests and a sectional sofa. If you love art and paintings, you can use the trending fusion clocks where the clock is fused in between a piece of art. They come together as a set. And it works both as unique piece of art in your room and timer. They usually are colourful and seem to be very lively which will help one to make the room brighter.

A study table or a chest to keep books, trophies, antiques as well as show pieces can also be used. A modern study table consists of drawers, lockers and space for laptop. The neatly finished dark brown study table would easily dwell in the entire theme. Also, one can looks for some traditional hand-made lamps which will give the room a pinch of traditionalism. Sometimes, it just pleases to sit in the lamp lights as they are smooth and seems to sooth us. It helps us to focus more on the little things at once rather than everything at once.

Adding furniture to your bedroom is optional. And the choice of furniture is subjective. Many people prefer to have a sectional sofa attached to the bed; some prefer the rocking chair where they can sit during leisure hours and stare out of their windows; some prefer a divan if the room is very spacious; and some prefer the cane chair by the window.

I feel that decorating one’s bedroom is an opportunity to come up with new crazy ideas that will still dwell together and make the room look pretty. Everyone has a different taste and choice. I prefer to go with the things that I like to what people think will look nice. However, there are certain things we need to pay attention to and a few head starts that will be required in order to start looking for the things that are required to be changed.

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