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  1. Amazed by the Potter

    Amazed by the Potter Spectators swarmed the live pottery stall at the Botanical Garden I was visiting yesterday. They sneaked and peeped from all possible ways to get a view of the potter. Many stood behind the crowd waiting for their turn when the crowd dispersed. He sat there in front of the big round potter’s wheel or charkha as they call it and the Read more...
  2. Apply With Applique: Gujarat’s Vibrant Textiles

    Apply With Applique: Gujarat’s Vibrant Textiles India’s legacy and richness in art and craft forms is priceless. In a country of so diverse a culture, with plurality in domains like religion, tradition and language, crafts of Indian states reach timelessness and a beauty that is so elegant which leaves a person artistically silent. One such craft form is Gujarat’s appliqué art. What is Read more...

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